Recently, I’ve been going through many transformations in my life.  I went to see Jessica and Ian to help my body and spirit feel better about where I’m going.  They performed multiple Reiki and Chi Gong treatments on me.  I feel fortified and reenergized to face challenges and am grateful for their loving energy.  A sense of calm and peace is palpable following each session.  I highly recommend trying it and incorporating it into your life ritual.

--Andy Morris  

Jessica and Ian have a balance between the two different types of energy that they offer.  Jessica has a warmth that nicely compliments the grounding feeling of Ian.  After my recent session with them, I felt a sense of serenity and as though I just wanted to nap and enjoy the rest of the day.  It was interesting for me to feel a sense of red in my mind and end with a color of blue in my mind (which stands for calming) by the end of my session.  I'd highly recommend anyone who has never experienced a balance of Reiki /Qigong, to try it, especially if you are looking for some healing or just to feel more peaceful.  Jessica and Ian are professional, informative, and kind hearted.  It was truly a pleasure for me to have tried the power that they offer together.  

--Nicole D. -Westchester, NY

Reiki and Qigong are things I've never experienced before.  A fledgling myself, but what an amazing experience.  Jessica and Ian both have calming soothing hands.  During your session, you lose track of time and the place you're in.  The combination of the two of them is great.  From tip to toe, you forget that human hands are being used.  I could only feel the comforting and relaxing touch.  It was like a comforting warm blanket being pulled over my body.

The sensation started in my arms then moved to my legs.  By the end, I was in a place of peace and total relaxation.  I would highly recommend their service to anyone.  

--Justin S. - Westchester, NY

Ian has been my teacher in the art of Qigong for quite a while, so therefore I'm familiar with his energy work and how I respond to it.  After this session I've had with both Ian and Jess, I feel more aligned.  The energy in the park is wonderful to begin with and I do believe that aided in their treatment.  I'm  still very new to this art, but I know and feel how both Reiki and Qigong can heal the mind and body with my experience.  There is energy everywhere , when channelled, there are wonders it can do.

--Julie " Jooleei "Trinh

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