Yin and Yang explanation

1. Yin is considered to be the internal energy and Yang is considered to be the physical body.

2. Yin force is known to create an outward movement. On the other hand, yang denotes inward movement.

3. Yin energy is considered to be female, cold and dark. On the contrary, yang energy is male, hot and cold.

4. Yang energy tends towards the center and yin moves to the periphery.

5. While yang force is considered to be solid, yin is broken.

6. It is believed that yang grows and flourishes because of yin.

In Chinese medicine and Reiki our goal is to create a balance of Yin and Yang. As stated above one can not be present without one another. AAndersonAGealmGeaAAndersonAGealmGealAGealmGealmnlAGealmGealmn dAAlmamGeaAGealmGealAGealmGealmn dAAlmamGealmrsolmrsonAGealmmrsonAGealmGealmn dAAlmamGealmrsonAGealmGealmn dAAlmandersonAGealndersonAGealmAndandersonAGealmGealmn dAAlmandersonAGealmAndersAAnanand my gAAAndersonAGealmGealmn dAAAndersAAnanand my goal is tAdAAndersonAGealmGealmn dAAnanand my goal is to crndAAndersonAGealmGealmn anand my goal is to create harmony of Yin and Yang within your body by clearing the blockages of Yin and Yang energy creating homeostasis within your body. Have a Qiful day. Yours in Qi, Ian Gelman

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