About Ian and Jessica

Both have a passion for helping others.  They both came together and joined forces by incorporating Reiki and Qigong into one energy healing session.  They discovered how powerful and healing the art was when they worked on each other.  They were excited about feedback from their clients and they began doing healing circles together. They found that this universal energy modality incorporating Reiki and Qigong is extremely powerful for both of them as well as their clients.  

Jessica became certified as a Reiki First and Second Degree Practitioner in November 2015 at the Angelic Reiki Healing Center in Norwalk, Ct.  She then received her Reiki Master/Teacher Certification in June 2017 at the Turning Point Healing Arts and Education Center in Ridgefield, Ct.  She has a Bachelor of Art’s Degree in Sociology from Hunter College of the City University of New York.  Jessica volunteers her companionship and mini Reiki Sessions to hospice patients who are open to experiencing the comfort and relaxation that Reiki provides.   As a Reiki Master/Teacher Jessica is honored to have the opportunity of educating and certifying individuals that are called to deepen their spiritual path for the greater Universal good.  Jessica enjoys practicing Kundalini, Ashtanga and Hatha yoga.  She also enjoys the serenity of meditating with nature and giving herself Reiki treatments by the water.

Ian is a certified Qigong practitioner who has studied Traditional Chinese Medicine and T’ai Chi at Long Island University under Dr. Richard M. Chin MD OMD a world renowned Qigong master. Ian holds a BS degree in Exercise Physiology, Health and Nutrition from Southern Connecticut State University.  Ian’s professional objectives are to help clients prevent disease and to help them achieve healthy and fulfilling lives by balancing body, mind and spirit.

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