Reiki Qigong Fusion Treatments - An Accelerated and 
Advanced Healing Session from 2 Energy Masters

What will I experience with a Reiki Qigong Fusion Treatment?

A Reiki Qigong Fusion treatment reduces stress, strengthens the immune system, and creates an overall sense of serenity and enlightenment within.  Reiki is a Japanese practice that channels the flow of life force energy through the hands.  Medical Qigong is a hands on Chinese practice that unblocks the stagnant Qi and allows the universal life force energy to flow more freely.  A Reiki Qigong Fusion treatment combines both healing modalities to gently clear the blockages created by everyday stressors which will activate your own bodies’ ability to heal itself.  You’ll feel compelled to experience Jessica’s warm energy which compliments Ian’s grounding touch. 

The healing modalities of Reiki and Qigong are intuitively fused into one unique treatment session.  You can experience the ultimate healing journey through the melding of these ancient Chinese and Japanese healing methods.  This treatment will ease chronic pain, anxiety, stress, insomnia, headaches and fatigue, while clearing energy blocks that create dis-ease in the body.  This unique combination of Reiki and Qigong deepens the mind, body and spiritual connection.  As a result you will reach a heightened awareness of self while increasing your spiritual connection and achieving emotional balance.

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Reiki during the Covid-19 Pandemic

I've been practicing both self Reiki and distance Reiki healing during the Pandemic.  I've felt the need to embark on my self-healing journey to strengthen my gift of Reiki and to give to others this gift of universal healing.  

I've asked the Universe to provide healing for all of the families that lost loved ones to Covid-19.  I also have focused on distance healing specifically for Long Haulers.  How can Reiki help with brain fog leftover from the Covid-19 virus? The Reiki energy can flow to the crown chakra to unblock any energy blocks and allow you to activate your own healing abilities within. 


What Are Some Benefits of Salt Therapy? What Added Benefits Can I experience  by Having a Reiki QiGong Fusion Session in a  Private Salt Room? 

"Halotherapy stimulates rejuvination and relaxation and uses salt vapor to treat respitory ailments and skin irritations.  Breathing the salt vapors takes the healing properties deep into the respitory system. Salt also has healthy negative ions which increase the level of mood chemical serotonin and offsets the polution in the body."

Enjoying a Reiki Qigong Fusion treatment in a private Salt room creates a serene, relaxing environment in which to experience ultimate relaxation of the body, mind and spirit,  Allow yourself to take a soulful journey of wellness and self care while releasing your negative  energy blocks. 

The Salt Cave of Darien - 555 Post Road, Darien, CT 

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